About Us

The story behind Payless Cleaning Services


Payless Cleaning Services began in 1993 with the commitment to provide you with a unique service oriented relationship to help you feel better, relax better, and live better.

In a nutshell we are a friendly experienced team of clean-obsessed fanatics. We are dedicated in transforming your lovely home or business into a sparkling sanctuary of blissful relaxation.

We also believe our cleaning services is more than showing up on time with a Swiffer and equipment. Everything we do is centered around building a long-lasting relationship with you: asking questions, listening, and understanding you and your home or business. Simply, we strive to help you live better. The smiles that shine and stress that dissipates as you enter your home or business is the fuel that drives us to consistently surpass your expectations.

I Picked up a duster at the age

of 3

Hi my names Frank. I am the proud owner of Payless Cleaning Services and have grown the company through superior cleaning quality, affordable prices, and referrals from delighted clients since its beginnings. This website is the starting point of entering the digital age and let me tell you its been quite a journey. Nevertheless throughout my years I have been able to learn and clean every nook and cranny imaginable. I have passed this knowledge and experience to my highly trained team to uphold the values we owe our success to.

When I’m not being a cleaning addict in your home or business, I am cleaning my own home and my wife can tell you it’s bittersweet. Outside of cleaning, I spend time with my wife and constantly calling my two kids in college (they say its annoying, but I know they miss us). I also find joy in donating my time and expertise as a local AYSO soccer coach and adventuring throughout many of our national parks.

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